Get involved

I'd love you to get involved and help with my campaigning. If you’d like to do so, please contact me at Below are some ways of helping me which you might like to consider:

Firstly – with your support:

  • Most importantly, you can help me by voting Conservative!

  • And also by spreading news about me, this site and my mission 

  • And please also do follow me on Twitter @votebates


Secondly – with your physical help:

  • You can help hugely by agreeing to deliver some leaflets in your area

  • Or by putting up a poster in your garden, window or car during elections

  • Or by attending political events

  • Or even simply by offering me and my team a cup of tea on our travels!


Thirdly – where appropriate, you may be able to help financially:

  • That can be anything from a small individual donation, right up to sponsoring my events

  • Please note: that to donate anything above £30 you must be a registered voter

  • Please also note that any donations above £500 must by law, be named