My Mission


My mission: I want to help all of the people of Britain to 'work all they can; save all they can; and give all they can'

I believe in a fresh, positive, strong Conservative voice. I want to help free people from economic and social shackles - wherever they be found - to secure a better future for you, your family, your community and your country. 

Having lived and worked amongst the agricultural community for many years, I understand the challenges rural communities face, but I also see the many opportunities we have as a nation.

I have five key priorities:

First, our economy - to get inflation down, debt down and deliver a strong, innovative, entrepreneurial, low tax economy working for the whole of Britain.

Second, I want to support, strengthen and promote British agriculture and food security - locally in the Weald of Kent, nationally across Britain and internationally around the globe.

Third, I want to relentlessly focus on waste - wherever it is found, be that:

   * financial waste - to ensure we provide good quality, value for money, efficient public services built on the fruits of our economic strength;

   * waste of our human talent -  by ensuring we have good, accessible education and training programmes for all

   * waste of our natural resources - to ensure we have agricultural, food, water and development policies which promote biodiversity, human wellbeing and are good for the climate, but which all fundamentally protect the unique character of our special rural landscapes and communities

Fourth, I want to ensure we have stronger defense and supply chain capabilities and better rural policing, so that we and our families can rest safe in this increasingly uncertain world.   

And finally, having built the right economic foundations and taken difficult decisions, I want to make sure we do our utmost to support those most in need - locally, nationally and internationally.

As such, I want to echo the words of John Wesley who re-invigorated a spiritually shackled nation some centuries ago, by helping to build an environment in which you and your families are able to “work all you can; save all you can; and give all you can”.