My Mission


My mission: I want to help all of the people of Britain to work all they can, save all they can and give all they can

I believe in a fresh positive one nation Conservative voice. I want to help free people from economic and social shackles, whereever they be found, to secure a better future for you, your family, your community and your country. 

I was born in Gateshead where I attended a comprehensive school before going on to Nottingham (BA) then Newcastle (MSc) Universities. I have an Economics PhD from Imperial College, London University and have also studied at Harvard Business School. Having lived and worked in the North, the Midlands and the South East, in both urban and rural communities, I understand some of the challenges people face across the country, but also the very many opportunities.

My priorities are therefore fourfold:

First, to deliver the best Brexit for Britain which delivers on the referendum result, takes back control of our borders and laws but which also secures a strong trading relationship both with Europe and with the rest of the world.

Second, a strong economy working for the whole of Britain.

Third, I want to relentlessly focus on waste - whether that be financial waste; waste of human talent; or indeed waste of our natural resources.

And finally, having built the right economic foundations and taken difficult decisions, I want to make sure we do our utmost to support those most in need.

As such, I want to echo the words of John Wesley who re-invigorated a spiritually shackled nation centuries ago, by creating an environment where you and your families are able to “work all you can, save all you can and give all you can”.