Stephen Bates at Hadrian's Wall in Newcastle North

Stephen Bates, Conservative Westminister candidate for Newcastle North stopped off at Hadrian's Wall within his Newcastle North constituency on a visit to Chapel House and Denton. Stephen Bates said "I read History at Nottingham University and still love history today. I have visited Hadrian’s villa near Rome and am especially thrilled we have a section of Hadrian’s Wall still standing within our constituency. Whilst I cannot claim my policies will last 1,900 years! this should remind us all that things meant to last must be built on solid foundations. I am proud of the North East and stand for a compassionate Conservatism. But unlike Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, I know that only a Conservative Government knows how to build on the right foundations. We have taken some difficult decisions and there is still a lot more work to do. We need to build on this and stay on the right road for a stronger economy - for you, your families, Newcastle and for Britain" #VoteConservative #ivotebates